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Chris Columbus To Remake Korean Comedy HELLO GHOST

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For those that like their bad news to come in twos, the news that “family comedy” hack Chris Columbus intends to option a successful Korean film and remake it in English (or the nearest American approximation) should sate their masochism now.

Yes, the man who wrote two of the best mainstream films of the 80′s- Gremlins and The Goonies- and subsequently set about destroying that legacy by merrily directing every ham-fisted hyper-commercial script a studio could fling at him in avaricious anger, has decided to get on a band-wagon that appeared to have long disappeared into the sunset.

Just when every stylish horror or thriller had been haplessly refashioned by the culturally ignorant American film market, Columbus has announced he would like to have a try at doing the same with comedy by adapting Hello Ghost.

Columbus will co-produce the film himself along with Mark Barnathan and Mark Ratcliffe of 1492.

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