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Lucasfilm Standardizes On SpeedTree® For Vegetation Modeling

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Following its successful use in Avatar, SpeedTree® has been licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd. for projects underway in both their San Francisco and Singapore studios.

“SpeedTree was simply the best choice for our work on Avatar. It?s as simple as that,” said Richard Bluff, Digital Matte department Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

The decision to go with SpeedTree for Avatar was made almost instantly during the evaluation of the software in late spring of 2009, Mr. Bluff said. “I knew within 15 minutes that this was what we were looking for. The choice to use SpeedTree was never questioned.”

Key features of SpeedTree, along with its ability to quickly and precisely model a wide range of vegetation, are its ease of use and its generation of additional varieties of a species through a randomized seed, said Mr. Bluff. “Our old methodology of doing trees was never going to work. When we looked at SpeedTree, we felt it would give us all the control we would ever want, and then some.”

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