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Breakout reels viewers in

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Channel 8’s year-end blockbuster drama series, Breakout, drew over one million viewers to its first and second episodes alone.

The show premiered last Monday (Dec 6), and although the figures for its full first week aren’t available yet, its stars are hopeful and enthusiastic.

Breakout tells the suspenseful story of a 12-year-old girl, played by Zhou Ying, who is involved in a car wreck along with her family. She awakes from a coma 13 years later and must come to terms with her 25-year-old body, the loss of her family, as well as the discovery that the tragedy was no accident.

“Mr Ang Eng Tee, the scriptwriter, is very skilled – he has a unique point of view, and the story is fresh and creative. I think we haven’t seen a drama like this in Singapore before. Some friends texted me to say that the show is really interesting, that they can’t wait to see more, and that the acting is natural,” Zhou Ying told TODAY.

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