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Bollywood goes retro to boost sales

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Bollywood is harking back to the 1970s and the days of stylised movie dialogues, cliched plots and elaborate dance sequences in an attempt to boost box office takings after a disappointing 2010.

Despite its prodigious output, the Hindi-language movie industry has had a torrid time this year, with only a dozen out of more than 200 films made finding favour with fans.

In recent years, Indian filmmakers have started making movies with contemporary themes, for a youthful, more well-travelled and knowledgeable audience, away from traditional, formulaic themes of stylised romantic love.

A successful year-end would raise spirits in Bollywood, which was hit last year by a producers’ boycott of multiplex cinemas, swine flu fears and a string of big budget failures. The economic downturn also affected overseas takings.

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via Hindustan Times

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