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Onir: Independent filmmakers are wiped out in India

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Director Onir, who is in Goa to look for producers for his next film project ‘Shab’ (Night), feels that the corporate system in Bollywood is wiping out independent cinema in India.

The filmmaker raised money for his ambitious project I Am through Facebook where 400 members from over 30 countries participated.

He feels that the future of independent cinema will be safe only with direct audience involvement right from the inception of a film.

“The direct audience participation is a big statement in today’s world. It is first of its kind. Corporates make it difficult for independent films like this. They are willing to lose 60 crores in a big budget film but the same budget can fund 20 good, original films. Independent filmmakers are being wiped out by these corporate houses,” Onir told PTI.

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via NDTV Movies

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