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Indian panorama needs better exhibition outlets, say filmmakers

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Makers of films that have been selected for the Indian Panorama want the government to help them find ways to distribute and market these films.

They feel that showing the films in various Indian festivals or special Panorama festivals is not enough as this does not fetch any money for the filmmaker to encourage him to make more films.

Gajendra Ahire whose film ‘Pail Tesundaram’ is in the Panorama, said Marathi cinema had seen a new resurgence over the past six to seven years and several new filmmakers had come into the field after ‘Shwaas’.

But he regretted that very few had come back with new films fit enough for the Panorama. He said sending DVDs for Panorama selections was risky as piracy was a major threat, and so 35 mm prints should be sent.

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