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Film on climate change bad boy says ‘Cool It’

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Humanity has what it takes to adapt to global warming and there’s no need to panic: so goes the message in a new documentary on the bad boy of the climate change debate, Bjoern Lomborg.

“Cool It”, released in the US on Friday, is seen as a response to the Academy Award-winning documentary by former US vice president Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Lomborg, with his mop of blond hair and boyish grin, has often been labeled a climate change denier, a notion he rejects, insisting that “global warming is real, but we are tackling it stupidly.”

The world would be better served, he feels, by investing say 100 billion dollars a year in research and development of new scientific solutions to curb warming in the long-haul, as well as geo-engineering solutions like building resilient levies for a quick fix to imminent dangers.

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