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How to Transform Manga Into Movie Mega-Bucks

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Three Hollywood producers who’ve made hit films derived from Japanese content shared a roadmap to crossover success in the lucrative U.S. entertainment market at the American Film Market on Wednesday.

“Because of a manga’s weekly installments and their episodic form, there’s usually a powerful bond between the readers and the characters,” Jason Hoffs of Viz Prods said.

“It’s important to understand how the other side sees things.” Hoffs said. “Often most rights land with the manga creator. The devil’s in the details and it’s important to find out what’s most important to the content owner – loyalty to the original, or money.”

What’s slowing things down is the cultural and linguistic divide between America and Japan, Don Murphy, producer of the smash hit Transformers films said, noting that after months of trying to get the rights to Japanese video game Otome for Guillermo Del Toro to direct, he finally gave up.

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