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For Real shows how other cultures have influence Asian filmfest

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Fourteen years in, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival is emphazing the growing blend of cultural influences between Asia and the west.

It goes a long way to explaining why New York-based actor Sarita Choudhury and her latest drama For Real are kicking off four days of screenings Thursday.

For Real, in which she stars as a troubled middle class mother to an imaginative little girl, was filmed in India by New York University-trained writer-director Sona Jain, who takes some stylistic cues from the work of Spain’s Pedro Almodovar.

“I was playing a very depressed mother who was much more rigid than I am,” she says. “I had wanted to go back to India and do something. I’ve never relly lived there, and this was playing a woman who grew up in London, and then moved to Delhi to raise her family.”

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via The Province

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