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Winter’s Bone: a stark portrait of poverty, drug abuse

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“Winter’s Bone,” the final installment of  Visalia Independent Film Series, is scarier than any horror movie you’ll ever see. There are no ghosts, vampires or masked killers in the film.

Debra Granik takes a stark, documentary-like approach to “Winter’s Bone.” She offers no judgment on the people. She simply shows their lives and lets the audience draw conclusions.

The movie focuses on 17-year-old Ree (Jennifer Lawrence), who is forced to take care of her younger siblings and her mentally unstable mother. She’s tough and smart, the type of young woman who could excel at school and life if given the opportunity.

Her camera coolly observes the action, depicting the sad and desperate lives of both the drug dealers and drug abusers — some of whom are the same people.

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via Visual Times-Delta

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