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Talkback: The Carrot Cake Conversations

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Starring Andrea Fonseka, Danielle O’Malley, Adrian Pang, Alaric Tay

The Carrot Cake Conversations opens this week at Sinema Old School!

Start your own conversation (sans carrot cake) with director Michael Wang as he drops by for a Q&A this Saturday, 17 December at 8:00pm.


The CCC posterSynopsis: Four strangers find themselves stranded in Singapore, two days before Christmas and find companionship over a plate of carrot cake and their conversations on love, life, loss, carrot cake, Singapore, being alone, Christmas, their dreams, their fears, their hope. At the end of this one night, because of their conversation with a complete stranger, they become different people.

Our series on The CCC:
Review | Interview with Adrian Pang | Interview with Danielle O’Malley

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