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December 2008

I propose to you a different way to look back at the Singapore films of 2008. Our memories of films may fade faster than we like to but unforgettable characters tend to stay with us in our minds. Instead of dishing out the stories all over again, I prefer to take a second look at the characters from the Singapore-made films that were hard to erase. And what a bunch of boys, women, uncles, ah mas and cross-dressers we’ve got on our plate, oops, my plate, to be exact.

The Toronto Singapore Film Festival (TSFF) will return next year, for its fourth year running. This festival is one of the many few festivals devoted to Singaporean films, outside Singapore. It is a grassroots and non-profit initiative, and has since previously screened, Singapore GaGa, The Art of Flirting, S11, The High Cost of Living, Feet Unbound, Perth, Just Follow Law, Singapore Dreaming, and the most recent local box office hit, 18 Grams of Love.

It is no secret that few Singaporean features, especially independents, ever recoup the investments pumped into its production. As artful as film can ever be, the industry is still an industry no less, and like it or not, money is the only giant cog sustaining its existence.

If the $2.25 million that the SFC has recently distributed to nine lucky filmmakers seems tempting and you’re thinking of applying for the next round, here’s some of the things you’d probably want to know.

The Singapore Indie Doc Festival is back and will be held in March next year.

Just recently the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) launched the Singapore Film Awards (SFA) as part of their annual Silver Screen Awards in a bid to give Singapore films a larger recognition.