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Pulau Hantu

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Pulau Hantu (PG)

Director: Esan Sivalingam

2008 | Horror | English | 90mins | $8

Cast: Carl Ng, Pamelyn Chee, Sani Hussin, Shane Mardjuki, John Cheng, Vijay M

Pulau Hantu (lit. translation: Ghost Island) tells the tale of a group of ragtag soldiers who, whilst searching for an AWOL section, inadvertently disturb an unholy grave site.

Day turns to night and the mildly forested area becomes a thick, dense jungle. Ill-equipped and without an inkling as to why these supernatural events have cursed them, they race against time within the cursed island in their fight for survival – uncovering past mysteries and hidden secrets – while being terrorized by the revenge-seeking spirits of a native woman and her child who were victimized and murdered by a witch doctor over a century ago.

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  1. 30 October 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Saw it on Okto channel last Sunday… Waste of time… Shld have been at the kopitiam to watch Chelsea vs. Liverpool… Wtf… And now it’s S$8?! C’mon…

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