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Funds for Singapore & Europe to co-produce films

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A new S$62 million fund has been set up for Singapore and Europe to work together on some 10 TV and film projects by an independent company, reports Channelnewsasia.

The funds will be managed by a Singapore independent content management company, Six-Six-Eight, who will co-ordinate the funding and matchmake European and Singaporean companies.

seto.jpgSeto Lok Yin, MDA‘s Assistant CEO, Industry (pictured), revealed that “the funding will come from different parts of the world… European money; Singaporean funding through banks. So banks are coming in. Financial institutions are coming in.”

Jonathan Foo, Co-President of Six-Six-Eight, said: “What this fund does is to allow us to introduce big broadcasters and producers from Europe to the smaller companies in Singapore. And give these small companies in Singapore the opportunity to work in million dollar productions. We have the director, one or two cast from Europe. And then we bring the rest of the team from Singapore. So we have a European co-producer but we also bring a production company from Singapore to provide the production management services.

“So it’s really bringing together the two groups of people, giving them a chance to work together on a big international project.”

Most of the projects will come from three main European countries – France, Italy and Germany, with discussions already underway with companies hailing from the UK and Belgium. One of the criteria for being shortlisted is to have the filming done on location in Singapore.

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  1. Pearl
    21 October 2007 at 10:15 pm

    exciting that there is more money coming in to make movies!

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