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The Making of 881 – With Royston Tan and Gary Goh

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Singapore’s first musical, 881, sees award-winning director Royston Tan depart from the quiet style of his previous film 4:30. Together with long-time collaborator and producer Gary Goh, Royston will discuss the lavish choreography, the music and the High Definition production process in his film.

Date & Time: August 15, Wed, 7.30pm – 10.00pm

More information and details on Objectifs’ website.

About Royston Tan and Gary Goh

Royston Tan is one of Singapore’s top directors, having won a string of awards for many of his films. He has collected over 40 international and local film awards for his short films, documentaries and feature work.

Gary Goh has been working with Royston on a number of his films as producer and assistant director since 2005 at Zhao Wei films.

About 881 the movie
881 tells the story of The Papaya Sisters – two childhood friends who grew up mesmerised by the glitter and glamour of ‘getai’ (song stage). The musical features glitzy costumes and lavish choreography, with emotions expressed in song.

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