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First Take

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The Substation‘s monthly First Take screenings of films by new filmmakers is happening tomorrow, November 7, 2006 (Tuesday), at 8 pm in the Guinness Theatre.

In this month’s line-up (from the official website):

  • Rishi Budhrani’s Half Empty
    A young foreigner arrives at the doorstep of an apartment to stay in for a while but things don’t turn out the way he planned or expected.

  • Mark Soong’s Substitute
    is a musing on our lives, touring through a day of individual desire, regret, lust, disappointment and the mundane.
  • Tan Lizhen’s I’m so in love with my kashmir goats (ladder along the river) (shaving)
    I met these magnificent Kashmir goats high on a hill white backpacking alone. Strong, elegant, unmoving against the infinite spread of sky and sea, they greeted me with a half-smile as they gazed over my shoulders to the endless rows of mountains and forests afar. There, they taught me how to love.
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