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Serum City

4 November 2006 FILM NEWS 2 Comments

From the official website: In a nation where eating has been made illegal, serum injections are now the only legalised mode of sustenance to ensure the efficient conduct...

The Changi Murals

2 November 2006 FILM NEWS 1 Comment

Directed by Boo Junfeng. From the official website: A lyrical look at a set of five Biblical murals that changed the lives of countless prisoners-of-war during the Japanese...


28 October 2006 FILM NEWS 2 Comments

Directed by Gilbert Chan and Joshua Chiang. Running time: 90 minutes. Released on August 3, 2006. From Cine.SG: Terence is a lonely clerk resigned to his dead-end job...

The Olive Depression

24 October 2006 FILM NEWS 4 Comments

Directed by Joshua Lim. Work in progress. From the official website: The Olive Depression documents the weeks before Johnny, an 18-year-old boy, enters military service. He is determined...