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Kum – The Movie

12 March 2007FILM NEWS 1 Comment

From the official website: Kum - The Movie is set in the 1950s on an island off Mainland Singapore. We trace the story of Mira, a village girl...

The Kallang Wave

2 March 2007FILM NEWS 4 Comments

From the official website: The Kallang Wave is the story of Singapore told through the dreams and pain of the nation's footballers and the fans and staff who...

Invisible City

28 February 2007FILM NEWS 0 Comments

From the official website: Invisible City is a feature-length documentary about the inner life of Singapore through its spaces. It is about public, private, inside, outside spaces. Spaces...

Truth Be Told

21 January 2007FILM NEWS 0 Comments

Excerpt from the official website: A new job as a television producer moves Renee Donovan back to Singapore. Recently divorced, she is hoping to start a new life...