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NEWS: Indie Film ‘The Spirits of Singapore’ Wraps Up First Stage Of Production

25 January 2019


NEWS: Indie Film ‘The Spirits of Singapore’ Wraps Up First Stage Of Production

Local indie film The Spirits of Singapore has just finished filming its first story and is currently dipping its toes in post-production. Inspired by real events, the anthology film will feature 4 stories set in real locations — namely Pasir Ris Bird Watching Tower, Haw Par Villa, Bukit Brown Cemetery, and Old Changi Hospital. To date, the Pasir Ris story is complete and the team is now working on its post production. In parallel, the team is working on the casting process and visualisations for the next few stories.

The idea for The Spirits of Singapore sparked from a discussion between producer Pradith Balaraj Maruthur and director Ramkumar Santhakumar. Upon hearing Pradith’s suggestion on producing an anthology movie based on real locations in Singapore, Santhakumar expressed interest in developing this idea and set to work creating a skeleton for the stories.

The anthology film is part of a project, named Passion, run and coordinated by Pradith under Eventurers International. This project, just as its name suggests, largely revolves around passionate young blood contributing to the filmmaking process. It aims to get many young film enthusiasts involved to nurture an inclusive learning environment. The project team includes writer Olivia Choong, cinematographer Radha Krishna Ganesna, editor Bharath Bala, and investment partners Bhanu Jamwal (who is also part of the directorial team), Madhu Vadigicherla, and Winnie Ng Hooi Ying.

The full film, The Spirits of Singapore, is expected to be released by June 2019, with the total running time estimated to be between 85 to 90 minutes.

Interested readers are able to contact Pradith at for more information on its production.

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