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Korean Film Festival: East meets West1 min read

9 November 2011 < 1 min read


Korean Film Festival: East meets West1 min read

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The inaccurately-named London Korean Film Festival has expanded this year to include Sheffield and Cambridge, and with new Korean films that have never been seen before in the UK, Q&A sessions with well and not so well-known directors and even a KPop group called ‘SHINee’ giving a live performance on the opening night, it really is bigger than ever.

The festival, now in its sixth year, runs throughout this month with a selection of classic Korean films, premieres and animations. 

The theme is Korea’s north/south divide. The Front Line focuses on the ‘Forgotten War’ – a battle over a hill sitting on the border between the north and south. Poongsan is described as a thriller, with a plot of cross-border romance and Dance Town follows the story of one woman who escapes over the border to the south, but then suffers from the loneliness of being cut off from her husband, who remains on the other side.

There’s some light-hearted stuff too, with the children’s feature animation Leafie which tells the story of a hen who dreams of a life outside her cage; Sunny, which follows a group of friends from school to adulthood and Detective K, a dark comedy about a series of mysterious murders.

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