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Sector 7’s watery grave1 min read

4 November 2011 < 1 min read


Sector 7’s watery grave1 min read

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Han Ji-won is the Korean version of “Sigourney Weaver in Alien” (1979). That’s because “Sector 7 (Korean sci-fi thriller)” has been founded on a similar premise as the American sci-fi horror film.

Ji-won is a familiar face to most KBS followers because of her regular appearance on K-dramas. The two most notable ones are “Hwang Jini” and “Secret Garden”. 

“Sector 7″, if you can overlook some of its glaring flaws, is watchable but you will be constantly reminded of the similarities of this movie and US films like “Sphere”, “Abyss” and most noticeably “Alien”.

The CGI effects are below par. Perhaps that is because its estimated budget of US$8.7 million (RM26 million) is peanuts compared with its Western counterparts. Thus, when the monster finally rears its head, it is not nearly as awesome as Godzilla.

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