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Kids make film to fight smoking1 min read

28 October 2011 < 1 min read


Kids make film to fight smoking1 min read

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The three-minute film Thuoc La va Nguoi Lon (Tobacco & Adults), made by ninth graders from the Le Quy Don Secondary School, won first prize at the fifth filmmaking contest for Vietnamese students.

This is the second time that Nguyen Lam Tuyen, Nguyen Hoang Du, and Tran Nguyen Tuong Vi have received awards after their film Mot Ngay Cua Than Dong Tuong Lai (A Day of a Future Genius) won second prize last year. 

Their new film centres on the daily life of a little boy who is surrounded by smokers. “While growing up, my grandfather smoked, my father smoked, my teacher smoked. Even my friends experimented with the odd cigarette. Purchasing tobacco is as easy as getting your hands on candy,” according to the film’s main character.

“People usually have an array of excuses for not giving up smoking. Some say it brings them pleasure, providing them full possession of their senses. Students mostly smoke to become more like real men.

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