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A Debut that Highlights Asian Cinema

20 October 2011


A Debut that Highlights Asian Cinema

If cinema had its child prodigies, she would be one – after all considering the maturity that direction requires, mid 20s could be seen as the teenage of a director’s life. Meet 26-year-old Indonesian Kamila Andini who debuts with “Mirror Never Lies”, probably one of the most accomplished Asian debuts in recent years.

“Mirror Never Lies” was showcased at the Mumbai Film Festival, organised by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI). 

This might seem like a huge load on young shoulders; yet see “Mirror Never Lies” and you’ll shake your head with incredulity at both the control and intuition of the film.

Knowing that this is her first film, you’d expect it to have come from a tight script but she controls the time and space with experience and wisdom.

“I wrote only 80 percent of the script, intending to explore the rest 20 percent. The exploration has gone way beyond that,” Kamila told IANS, an impish smile lighting up her petite face.

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