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Dishing up a spicy mix1 min read

13 October 2011 < 1 min read


Dishing up a spicy mix1 min read

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Musician Wee Meng Chee (or better known as Namewee) is one controversial figure. The 29-year-old is “infamous” for his many contentious YouTube videos expressing his dissatisfaction over what he feels is wrong in Malaysia ranging from issues such as racism to corruption.

So, it is rather surprising, or maybe not so surprising, when his first feature film, Nasi Lemak 2.0 in which he directs as well as plays the lead role, turns out to be a hit on the local cinema scene. 

This RM1 million budgeted film, about a young chef trying to make his restaurant business a success and in the process learns something about his roots and national identity, also stars a slew of well-known local artistes such as Adibah Noor, Reshmonu, Afdlin Shauki and David Arumugam.

Since its release, the movie has collected over RM4 million.

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