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Love, Finally1 min read

29 September 2011 < 1 min read


Love, Finally1 min read

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Director Nagesh Kukunoor, who had famously shunned love stories, steps into this forbidden territory with Mod, a romantic film in which nobody says “I love you”

“Why a love story?” asks director Nagesh Kukunoor. His brow is furrowed in concentration, but he is otherwise unruffled. The director who presented a new cinematic language in films such as Rockford and Hyderabad Blues, had famously said that he would never venture into the territory of “love stories”.

But Cupid has finally got Kukunoor, 44. The director’s latest venture, Mod, is a love story set in a utopian hill town. At Hotel Crowne Plaza, Delhi, he talks about his new passion:

Mod is a remake of a Taiwanese film, Keeping Watch. Why did the film leave an impression on you?

Mod is not exactly a remake of Keeping Watch. Only the soul of the film is identical. I watched Keeping Watch, as a jury member of the Asian Festival of First Films in Singapore in 2008. Immediately, I saw my version, set in a utopian small town India. In the first 15-20 minutes, I had already made up my mind.


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