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TIFF trivia: The past lives of famous people1 min read

8 September 2011 < 1 min read


TIFF trivia: The past lives of famous people1 min read

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1. Toronto’s David Cronenberg visits TIFF this year with his new film A Dangerous Method, about Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Cronenberg’s career was effectively launched in 1975 with the film Shivers, which at the time was described by what famed American director as “genuinely shocking, subversive, surrealistic and probably something we all deserve?”

2. Ryan Gosling, appearing at TIFF in two films, Drive and Ides of March, was born in London, Ont., and has lived in Cornwall and Burlington. But when he lived in Florida for the two years he spent on The Mickey Mouse Club, he lived with which fellow Mousketeer’s family?

3. Polish director Agnieszka Holland, known for her 1991 film Europa Europa, comes to the festival to screen In Darkness, a movie about Jews who hid in sewer systems during the Second World War. But Holland is also no stranger to the small screen, having directed three episodes of this critically acclaimed HBO drama.

4. Brad Pitt will be screening his new movie Moneyball, about the business of baseball, but some of his earliest roles were on television. On which soap opera, during a two-episode stint, did Mr. Angelina Jolie have his first TV speaking role?


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