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A Kick in the Pants for Local Film Buffs1 min read

8 September 2011 < 1 min read


A Kick in the Pants for Local Film Buffs1 min read

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Drama-comedy “Tendangan Dari Langit,” or “A Kick from Heaven,” is a welcome change from all the violence and gratuitous cleavage featured in many local films. While not without its shortcomings, the latest offering from director Hanung Bramantyo manages to achieve what it humbly sets out to do through an able cast and undemanding storyline.

A feel-good sports drama at heart, the film does everything you might expect. This should come as no surprise, as sports dramas typically offer an emotional dynamic in addition to the on-field action to create a crowd-pleasing balance of laughter, tears and suspense.

This is why most of Indonesia’s better cinematic offerings have followed in a similar vein, including the 2009 badminton flick “King” and the football-themed “Garuda di Dadaku” (“Garuda in My Heart”) in the same year. Both were infinitely better than their gory horror peers, but retained the same amount of commercial viability and easy accessibility.

“Tendangan Dari Langit” follows the common plot of an unknown talent offered a chance at the big time, so you know you’ll get heartfelt moments and a triumphant underdog ending. The talent in this case is 16-year-old Wahyu (Yosie Kristanto), whose football talents have made him his family’s breadwinner.


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