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TV or No TV: The case against 3D TV1 min read

6 September 2011 < 1 min read


TV or No TV: The case against 3D TV1 min read

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Cutting edge 3D technology is putting new meaning to the phrase “true to life.”

Because of this latest evolution in the viewing experience, images can now be seen in three dimensions ““ height, length and width ““ such that you are tricked into believing that you can actually reach out and touch those people and stuff onscreen. That’s celluloid “augmented reality” for you.

This technology was first mainstreamed in the world of cinema, with blockbuster films such as “Avatar,” “Harry Potter,” “Rio,” “Up” and “Tangled,” but it’s now coming into ordinary homes via the growing line of pricey 3D televisions.

Leading the charge of 3D television in the country is Sony Philippines, a subsidiary of giant entertainment and technology company Sony Corp. of Japan.
According to Larry Secreto, director for Bravia Marketing, sales of Sony 3D televisions have “significantly” increased this year compared to last year, when many consumers were still feeling cautious because of the global economic crisis that peaked in 2009.


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