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M’sia’s next leading lady?1 min read

6 September 2011 < 1 min read


M’sia’s next leading lady?1 min read

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Move over Lisa Surihani, it’s time for Nurliana Samsudin to shine as Malaysia’s leading lady. While Lisa is busy dating Yusry Abdul Halim, 26-year-old Nurliana has been strengthening her position as an actress.

Next year, Nurliana will appear in five high-profile films — Minyak Dagu, Adnan Sempit 2, Tiga Temu Janji, Aku Ada Kau Ada and 8 Jam.

On Sept 22, she will prove to her critics that she can do action flicks in the action comedy Bini-Biniku Gangster. In her last film, Kongsi, she did her own stunts but they were minor compared with the ones she had to do in Bini-Biniku Gangster.

In Bini-Biniku Gangster, Nurliana plays the role of the first wife of a businessman played by Shaheizy Sam. Her husband does not know she is a gang leader. When the husband takes a second wife, her life gets complicated when she realises the other woman is the leader of a rival gang.

Bini-Biniku Gangster is Nurliana’s third leading role after Histeria and Aku Masih Dara. Her road to stardom was not an easy one, but it kept her grounded to the reality of show business. “I have been in the show business for years, but I only got my break recently.”


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