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Indonesia’s Picture Perfect Director1 min read

1 September 2011 < 1 min read


Indonesia’s Picture Perfect Director1 min read

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Like many of us, filmmaker Garin Nugroho recently returned to his hometown for Idul Fitri to rejuvenate after a year of hard work.

Last month, Garin released an illustrated autobiography in collaboration with the Djarum Foundation to celebrate 30 years of filmmaking.

Browsing through the 300-page, self-titled book with its beautiful examples of Garin’s cinematography, theater productions and art installations, it is clear that the filmmaker is entitled to a well-earned rest.

“Idul Fitri is a moment to return to one’s roots and realize one’s true self,” Garin said in a telephone interview, a week before the holiday.

Through the long-distance connection from his family home in Yogyakarta, quacking ducks and clucking chickens could be heard as the renowned filmmaker shared stories about his childhood, his late parents and the “maestros” who inspired him to follow his passion.


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