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Action, film … but no camera1 min read

30 August 2011 < 1 min read


Action, film … but no camera1 min read

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You never know what you get with scissors, ink, tapes and blades

Is it possible to make a movie without cameras? Certainly, if you have 16mm film and other things like scissors, blades, tapes and inks.

By cutting, carving, rubbing and transferring images onto a clear film base, you can get a handcrafted film which dances into moving images when projected onto a screen.

This magic is collage film, recently presented at a Beijing workshop at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) by two young Germans from LaborBerlin, an independent film collective embracing a more experimental approach to film production.

The principal technique is to create a series of single images on a long strip of film and then to let images blend seamlessly to produce the illusion of a moving image.

“As the 16mm films run at 24 frames per second, you have to make 24 images to get a 1-second moving picture,” explains Juan David Monroy, one of the two instructors.


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