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Indonesia’s young film makers revive movie industry1 min read

23 August 2011 < 1 min read


Indonesia’s young film makers revive movie industry1 min read

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The Indonesian Film Festival starts today in Melbourne, running until the 25th of August.

It highlights a new surge of filmmaking in Indonesia, which, despite a lack of industry and government support, has found ways to internationally-acclaimed films.

Correspondent: Tito Ambyo
Speakers: Marcella Zalianty, actress, producer, ‘Border’; Ekky Imanjaya, film lecturer at Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta and an editor of Rumahfilm film website

TITO: (SFX film) The Indonesian film Batas, or Border, tells the story of a village in the border of Indonesia and Malaysia. It touches on social, cultural and political problems in these border areas. (SFX soundtrack of film) The main actress as well as producer of the film is Marcella Zalianty, who is in Melbourne for the international premiere of the film, in the Indonesian Film Festival.

MARCELLA: Here, in Batas, I’m trying to photograph a social order and community, life in a border region, in Indonesia, which still holds a sense of Indonesian nationalism, although in reality, the reality of life in remote areas of Kalimantan and the hinterland, they’re so many problems. Problems, in human problems, trafficking problems.


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