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Noise Singapore: The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP)2 min read

19 August 2011 2 min read


Noise Singapore: The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP)2 min read

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TAP is for all serious hobbyists and aspiring artists out there! If you are interested in design, illustration or photography, this is the chance for you to hone your craft further.

Besides the rare opportunity to learn first-hand from industry veterans and meet like-minded arts enthusiasts, you will also get to create a set of works under your mentor’s guidance. Apprentices’ works will be showcased in a TAP group show in March 2012.

Apply by 28 Aug 2011.

The Apprenticeship Programme Application

Each applicant is required to submit 5 visual works as your portfolio (to show us your potential), as well as a short write-up (to tell us what you hope to achieve from TAP and why you should be selected). Mentors will be looking through these materials during shortlisting.

Note: For applicants who are interested to be mentored by Francis Ng for multi-disciplinary art, you are strongly encouraged to submit URL links or any link files that would be useful for the mentor in assessing your past works, in particularly video/mixed media works. Apprentices who are successfully selected for the multi-disciplinary art category will need to be prepared to work on site-specific subjects.

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Open Categories Submission

Be proud of your creation, it’s as simple as that. Show it to Noise Singapore, and the world might see it as well! If you are 35 or younger and seeking an outlet to showcase your creativity, submit your original works of art, design or photography to Noise Singapore. Who knows, you could be showcased next in our exhibition and publication, or even spotted by professionals from the industry!

If your work is really awesome (like “best of the best” awesome), you could find yourself winning the Noise Singapore Prize, which comes with a grant of up to $5,000* for you to carry out that elusive creative project you’ve always wanted to do.

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