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Hans remains optimistic1 min read

16 August 2011 < 1 min read


Hans remains optimistic1 min read

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HANS Isaac has really come full circle. Once a young aspiring model who somehow successfully switched to acting at such a young age, he is looking at the industry with a different perspective now.

Now a producer and director as well, Hans said his experience in the business has taught him to be a wiser businessman.

Now a managing director of his own company, Tall Order Sdn Bhd, Hans does not look like he is slowing down either.

He seems to have his fingers in every jar in the entertainment business and he aims to have more fun trying out new things. What he wants to do now is to dabble in a line he is passionate about, while at the same time, he’d like to give back a little more to the society.

“I think I’ve gone through the right phases in my journey as an actor before moving progressively as a director and producer. This is the right time for me and all of us who are involved in this industry to be wise. I want all of us to benefit while producing something that is on international level,” Hans said.


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Via The Malay Mail

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