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Movie monopolies1 min read

2 August 2011 < 1 min read


Movie monopolies1 min read

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MANILA, Philippines – For the last several weeks, all cinemas in town were showing the same movie on their screens, locking out all other, less ambitious projects. First, Transformers, then Harry Potter, followed by Captain America.

The only interesting movie to tempt adult audiences was a Filipino film with an English title, Temptation Island. This remake of a Joey Gosiengfiao cult movie in the ’80s managed to squeeze through by the skin of its teeth at the takilya, though it was unable to clone the outlandishness of the originally campy movie.

I think campy is one notch higher than just plain comedy, but so what, there was nothing else to watch.

The lockout was similar to the Metro Manila Film Festival, except that MMFF usually has seven or eight films to pick from, even if few entries bother to cater to viewers older than 13.

What does this mean? The rapidly growing population is growing younger, in massive numbers. (Are their tastes more globalized, i.e., Americanized?) It makes marketing sense to produce bigger and more expensive movies for kids, 3D and all.


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