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I want to make people smile: Royston Tan1 min read

22 July 2011 < 1 min read


I want to make people smile: Royston Tan1 min read

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Royston Tan is on a mission to make Singaporeans remember.

The 34-year-old film-maker, known for successful feature films such as 881 and 12 Lotus, thinks that Singaporeans have forgotten how to smile, so when he makes his films, it’s only with one objective: to make them smile again.

And smiling is not the only thing that he wants Singaporeans to remember.

With Singapore’s rapid urban development, Tan fears that old places which people have emotional attachments to will start to vanish, and he wants to capture the memories of those places before they disappear.

That drove the production of Old Places, a three-month project with filmmakers Eva Tang and Vitric Thng, that was partially funded by the National Heritage Board and Media Development Authority.

It drew an overwhelming response from Singaporeans after it was shown on television on the eve of National Day last year, and okto eventually repeated the show two more times due to requests from the public.

Now working on Old Places 2, he discusses with Yahoo! his dedication to the craft of filmmaking and his adventures behind the camera.


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