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Presidential Election to use TV and online campaigning1 min read

11 July 2011 < 1 min read


Presidential Election to use TV and online campaigning1 min read

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SINGAPORE: Television will be a major medium of the Presidential Election campaign, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) outlining guidelines for the election.

In a release on campaigning for the Presidential Election on Friday, it said because of the TV medium’s wide reach at the national level, the medium will allow voters to assess the candidates in a manner in keeping with the decorum and dignity of the office of President.

MediaCorp will facilitate the TV campaigning for the candidates by providing them TV airtime to address the electorate, with each candidate having two blocks of 10 minutes of TV airtime, free of charge, to make his statements.

MediaCorp will record and broadcast the candidate making these statements in the form of a “presidential candidate broadcast” (PCB).

The first PCB will be televised the day after Nomination Day, while the second PCB will be televised on the eve of Polling Day.

The PMO added that an exemption will be granted to allow for the second telecast as election advertising is generally not allowed on the eve of Polling Day.


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