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Tibaldo: Understanding artists from a point-of-view of one1 min read

7 July 2011 < 1 min read


Tibaldo: Understanding artists from a point-of-view of one1 min read

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COGNITIVE and affective skills are requisites for artists. What they think and how they feel resonates in their creation as rendered by their hands. In other words, it is called psycho motor skills. Artist’s thinking and feeling are also influenced by their beliefs, culture, norms, core values, past life and experiences.

We artists use our eyes to look at things but the processing of images is through our brains and rendered by our hands in any format be it canvass, clay, plaster or a sheet of paper. Many artists are often observed to be weird and eccentric. They are also misunderstood by what they project and manifest.

Sometimes, their dreams, visions and concepts are unimaginable. But, one thing is sure and that artists are not out to make life miserable but instead make life enjoyable, meaningful and full of surprises. Musicians turn sounds into melody. Visual artists uses paints, brushes and even computers to create interesting art pieces in varied presentations. Sculptors recreate natural forms into solid works.

Dancers and theatre artists uses space, movements and gestures to interpret a story. Filmmakers exploits practically all other forms of art to produce moving pictures for everybody to appreciate in cinemas. I must also add that photographers freeze a moment in time taking advantage of lights and shadows using a camera and process it into a flat visual piece that can likewise serve as a document.

Photography is a vital part of my craft and I am trying not to be too engrossed by it as I am re-establishing myself as a painter.


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