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Rio Locsin reacts to indie director’s controversial remarks

30 June 2011


Rio Locsin reacts to indie director’s controversial remarks

Veteran actress Rio Locsin, who has appeared in several independent films, shrugged off the controversial remarks made by indie filmmaker Rafael Santos about theater actors deemed “arrogant” and “condescending.”

Santos received heavy criticisms online after his interview on ANC made the rounds of social networking sites.

In the interview, Santos said he “personally finds that theater actors are better to work with because they don’t complain.”

“You can feed them Skyflakes 3 meals a day and pay them in cat food basically,” he said. “They’re never late. They cry when you want them to cry. Other actors kasi, you have to hit them first. So that’s why I like working with theater people.”

When asked to comment, Locsin, who admitted that it was her first time to hear about Santos’ remarks, did not address the issue directly. Instead, she said that whenever she accepts movie projects, she just focuses on work.


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