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Film director Yun goes from humor to high tech in approach

29 June 2011


Film director Yun goes from humor to high tech in approach

The Seoul district of Chungmuro, which is dubbed Korea`s Hollywood, has had a moviemaker showcase two blockbusters budgeted at 10 billion won (9.2 million U.S. dollars) each two weeks apart in an unprecedented move.
To save time, director Yun Je-gyun a Dong-A Ilbo reporter to hold an interview in a car on his way from Seoul`s Yeouido district to his office in the city`s Gangnam area.

With the 2009 blockbuster “Haeundae,” Yun joined the ranks of directors who have attracted more than 10 million viewers for one film. The reporter poked at him by saying the director had a trace of “ssammai,” or Japanese movie jargon referring to a third-rate movie, in “My Boss, My Hero (2001),” and “Sex Is Zero (2002),” two films that were full of dirty jokes.

“I don’t make ssammai movies any more. Since I got a kid, I wanted to make a movie that I could be proud of myself before my child. The two movies this time are about high tech, not jokes,” he said.


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