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Who do the anonymous hackers represent?1 min read

20 June 2011 < 1 min read


Who do the anonymous hackers represent?1 min read

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THE flap over the hacker attack of the Malaysian GovernĀ­ment’s portal has come and gone as swiftly as the click of a mouse.

However, the scale of the problem and the magnitude of the issues around it remain considerable.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, it is important to spell out the issues at stake before dwelling on the justness or otherwise of any particular motive.

In this specific instance, the hackers in the collective international identity of Anonymous had targeted the official websites of a sovereign nation.

Since it was not an attack on a political party or individual personalities but on an entire country’s online representation, the hackers are culpable of anything from vandalism to subversion.


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Via The Star Online

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