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Hackers attack Malaysian government websites1 min read

17 June 2011 < 1 min read


Hackers attack Malaysian government websites1 min read

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At least six Malaysian government websites were hacked into overnight after the Internet vigilante group Anonymous threatened to punish the authorities for censorship.

Sites that were targeted included the government’s online portal , and the webpages of the information ministry , the fire and emergency services department and the land public transport commission .

Anonymous had warned it would attack the Malaysian government’s online portal from Wednesday 1930 GMT to teach the country a lesson for censoring whistle-blower site WikiLeaks in an attack codenamed Operation Malaysia “.

Malaysian police chief Ismail Omar said he did not believe any personal or financial data had so far been stolen. But he told Reuters: “It is too early to say what is the extent of the damage.”

Newspapers reported that several other government websites including the construction development board had earlier been attacked. The sites appeared to be functioning early on Thursday. It was not immediately clear if the attacks were launched by Anonymous or other hackers.


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Via The Economic Times

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