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A bigger ScreenSingapore next year1 min read

15 June 2011 < 1 min read


A bigger ScreenSingapore next year1 min read

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The celebrities provided the glitz and glamour, films were showcased and local film companies had the opportunity to network with their international counterparts, all at the inaugural ScreenSingapore film event.

But to make further inroads into making its mark on the international filmmaking scene, one thing Singapore could look at would be fostering a more conducive environment for writers.

Said Mr Greg Coote, chairman of the ScreenSingapore board: “Singapore does great effects work, animation, post production – that’s a given. What has to happen now is you need a hothouse … where writers can blossom.

“Our business starts with words on a page and Singapore needs to support writers because that’s where it begins.


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