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Hank-ering for fishhead noodles1 min read

14 June 2011 < 1 min read


Hank-ering for fishhead noodles1 min read

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He had charmed a roomful of journalists at a press conference in the morning at Capella Singapore. And two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks did a repeat performance last night amid cheering fans, on the red carpet at the Asia-Pacific premiere of his film, Larry Crowne.

In Singapore since Friday to promote the film he directed, co-wrote and starred in, Mr Hanks, 54, exclaimed, “It’s beautiful, I love it!”, when Today asked how he found Singapore. “I wish I had more days here. I’ve only seen the inside of cars and hotels.”

He hopes to return. “What happens a lot of the time (is), you come for the first time … you get the lay of the land, so the next time you come you know exactly what to do. So when they say ‘Will you go to Singapore’, I’ll say ‘Yeah but only if you let me go three days in advance’,” said Mr Hanks, flashing a grin. “I gotta try that fish-head noodle shop!”

Larry Crowne was the closing film for the inaugural ScreenSingapore, an eight-day international film and trade event. Fans last night thronged the street outside the newly-renovated Shaw Lido cineplex for a glimpse of stars such as ScreenSingapore ambassador Zhang Ziyi, South-Korean heartthrob idol Lee Byung Hun, F4’s Vanness Wu and Singapore’s Chin Han.


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