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Korea Animation with Heart: ‘Green Days’ Film in Theaters1 min read

7 June 2011 < 1 min read


Korea Animation with Heart: ‘Green Days’ Film in Theaters1 min read

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In each of our youths, there is a distinct time or moment of perilous anxiety; a moment when, as children, our heightened sense of self is at once immensely proud and yet very much incomplete…. when we imagine for ourselves a lifetime of accomplishments, relationships, and successes, often ignorant of the numerous failures that will inevitably speckle the paths between them. Green Days, a hand-drawn feature animation production from Korea, seeks to capture such moments.

The film is scheduled for a local theatrical release this month after a small tour on the international festival circuit, and brings into focus the talent and artistic resilience, both global and everyday, Korean animation has to offer.

The animated film , international English title Green Days, is a nostalgic piece about the charms of adolescence. In the movie, this slice-of-life vibe emanates from three teenagers struggling with school transfers, the pressures of a blossoming romance, and the typical mulling-over of an uncertain future. Green Days is a production from the artists at Meditation with Pencil (or, Studio MWP), a small South Korean animation studio whose previous work can be found in Robot Diary in Farm {watch}, as well as the drama adaptations of Sorry, I Love You and more recently, Winter Sonata.

Guided by husband and wife team Ahn Jae-hoon and Han hye-jin, Studio MWP has the honor of watching their first feature production hit local theaters June 16, 2011. Green Days takes place between the 1970s and 1980s and focuses on the delightful travails of children of the time, frequently drawing humorous, sympathetic, and occasionally philosophical comparisons between the generation on-screen and the more urbanized audience in the seats.


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