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Indonesians Fly Abroad to Avoid Hollywood Boycott

1 June 2011


Indonesians Fly Abroad to Avoid Hollywood Boycott

The ongoing foreign film boycott fiasco has led some moviegoers to go above and beyond to satisfy their addiction.

The standoff between the tax department and the Motion Picture Association over levies on imported films has dragged on for months, leaving Indonesian viewers in the dark when it comes to the latest Hollywood releases.

Committed film buffs Johannes Prayudhi and Ratna Dewi flew to neighboring countries over the weekend to catch up on what they’ve been missing

Johannes, a 30-year-old who works in finance in Jakarta, flew out to Kuala Lumpur early on Saturday morning with a couple of friends, and returned very late on Saturday night.

“Before the film boycott, I used to go to the cinema regularly, around twice a week,” he said. Now he has to get his big-screen thrills overseas.


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Via The Jakarta Globe

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