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The NR Eye: NRI tales to be told on film1 min read

23 May 2011 < 1 min read


The NR Eye: NRI tales to be told on film1 min read

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The tale of the traveller has always interested people. More so, if the “˜boy next door’ grows up to be a certain somebody in a far away land.

Be in Manoj Kumar’s “˜Purab Aur Pachhim’ or Mira Nair’s “˜Monsoon Wedding,’ the stories of Indians living abroad have been told variously on celluloid. Plots have been woven around the struggles and triumphs of the vast Indian diaspora spread across the globe and each of them has revealed a different facet of the lives of those whose minds are set on greener pastures but whose hearts always ache for home.

We now have word that, breaking away from the drama of reel life, one eminent film-maker proposes to document the non-resident Indians in real life. Siddharth Kak, who has more than a hundred documentaries to his credit, and his Surabhi Foundation have embarked upon a project that will see them produce a series of 10 documentary films on Indians living and working abroad, including those in the Gulf countries.

The Surabhi Foundation for Research and Cultural Exchange (Surabhi Foundation) is a non-profit organisation, involved in the documentation, preservation and dissemination of India’s cultural heritage at the national and international level. The Foundation is based on the remarkable success of “˜Surabhi’ (Fragrance) India’s longest running cultural series on national television which features in the Limca Book of Records for receiving the largest measured audience response ever in the history of Indian television.


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