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Not Coming Soon to a Screen Near You1 min read

23 May 2011 < 1 min read


Not Coming Soon to a Screen Near You1 min read

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Going to the movies has traditionally been an exciting ritual for Chitra Anggraini.

The 25-year-old animatedly describes settling back into plush seats and digging into a tub of warm popcorn for a visual feast for two to three hours. But in the last few months, her visits to Jakarta’s modern screens have been taxing.

A stand-off between the government and film importers – over back taxes – has kept new films from six big Hollywood studios, such as the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick, off the country’s 700-plus screens for four months.

‘Each time I step into the cinema, there’s nothing I want to watch,’ said the freelance designer. ‘The movies that are showing are mostly Indonesian and usually about ghosts. I’m not going to pay for lame movies even though I do enjoy the cinema experience.’


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