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A Magical Night at Sinema Old School2 min read

20 May 2011 2 min read


A Magical Night at Sinema Old School2 min read

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For two nights, Sinema Old Schoolʼs theatre, and everyone in it, was witness to a thoroughly entertaining showcase of close-up magic. Fronted by JC Sum, Singaporeʼs celebrity magician, M For Magic LIVE! was a 70-minute long theatrical magic performance that featured 9 young emerging local magicians.


The young magicians exuded confidence and professionalism, and put up a high-energy, engaging show. All of them were clearly greatly enthusiastic about their craft. Paired with the audienceʼs excitement and eagerness to participate, Sinema Old Schoolʼs theatre was certainly full of good vibes. The charismatic magicians teased the audience with light-hearted, humorous banter, but at the same time, stayed focused on delivering magic tricks that left the crowd amazed.

JC Sum is well-known for his extensive history of magic shows over the past decade and is no stranger to the magic scene in Singapore and Asia. However, M For Magic LIVE! was a momentous occasion, being his first close-up magic show. The talented magician presented material from his “Urban Underground” Close-up Magic Show, as well as new routines never before seen by the public.

There was not a single dull moment, as the magicians wowed the audience – drawing gasps with tricks such as Ê»creatingʼ a rose from a lighterʼs flame, and illusions playing with numbers and proportions. Suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life, magic performances such as M For Magic LIVE! will continue to bewilder and leave audiences marveling at magiciansʼ expert skills. All you need is an open mind and a sense of humor, and youʼre in for a treat.

For those who missed out on this electrifying display of “street magic off the streets”, look out for these young magicians on SIN TV ““ along with JC SUM and Ê»Magic Babeʼ Ning ““ out on the streets of Singapore, accomplishing the seemingly unexplainable.

M For Magic LIVE! was a spin off from “M For Magic”, a first-of-its-kind 10-episode street magic program designed by SIN TV in collaboration with Fly Entertainment and Concept:Magic, currently available on youtube.

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