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Digital Colourist – Dado Valentic1 min read

10 May 2011 < 1 min read


Digital Colourist – Dado Valentic1 min read

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Dado Valentic, chief colourist and managing director of MyTherapy D-Cinelab, discusses the musicality of colour and the new possibilities digital technology offers to independent filmmakers.

Born with a condition that gives him “a great sensitivity to colour,” digital colourist Dado Valentic is “almost genetically predisposed” to do this as a job.

“I have synaesthesia,” he continues, “so for me the colours have chords and sounds, and for me there is a melody in a colour.” Thus he sees a strong link between his day job (“in layman’s terms, basically a Photoshop artist for film”), and his night job as a DJ (under the monicker Tito Heron).

“I almost approach colour-grading as if I were writing music or a soundtrack for a film. Sometimes you are looking for a very soft underlying effect to support the story, and sometimes colour takes a more important role_just like when music accentuates drama in a scene. It just kind of helps put all the elements together to create a story, to create the illusion.”


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